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What the Hex Dev Blog #4 What the Hex at LevelUp KL 2018

Dear Gamer Friends!

What a busy few weeks we’ve had participating at Level Up KL on 29th October – 1st November and having our prototype demo up for visitors and exhibitors to delve into the world that is What The Hex (“WTH”).

First off, a special thank you to all our followers and visitors to our booth, I hope our Pixel minions made you feel welcome and their guided introduction to WTH left you wanting moarrrrrrrrr. Your feedback and will help us immensely to create a game that you will enjoy as much as we enjoy torturing our production team! (muahahahahahhahahahaha)

Special shout out to the organizers and sponsors of Level Up KL for bringing a truly immersive experience into the potential gaming industry on show, not only from Malaysia, but throughout the Southeast Asian collection. All aspiring developers and game designers should definitely look to take part in next year’s event to connect with publishers, funders, and fellow game enthusiasts.

LevelUp definitely encourages the future of gaming in the Malaysian landscape and even more for the future of WTH!

Stay tuned to our Blog site, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds (links below for ya), for more updates.

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