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What the Hex Dev Blog #2 - What the Hex is this all about?

What the Hex is this all about?

Hello everyone!

With the year flying by us like coconuts in a typhoon (too many of those these days, and our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected), we apologise about the long hiatus. During the break, our Pixel Peon’s have been working their collective butts to ready a demo for What the Hex to be showcased later this month at Level Up KL’s Games Conference.

Looks like someone I know...but not...hmmm

But before we can get to our progress, lets discuss what our game is about first:

What the Hex is an action Roguelike adventure where you play a young wizard, possessed by an evil spirit (because what is a game without a victim, and why not let it be you). You must fight the entire school to break this curse (it wouldn’t be a game without a challenge).

Bringing the best of indie gaming fun, using isometric gameplay for non-stop action with our favourite throwback magical characters that our generation can relate to (because we know the best characters to attack are ones that we know).

Looks like someone I know…but not…hmmm…

Well look at the time. Need to get back to coding/designing/drawing/dying. Expect more info on character development, gameplay and annoying but funny bugs.

Also, catch us at KL Level Up’s upcoming event later this month. We’ll be posting our booth details in our coming posts. Stay tuned!

Stalk us at our Blog site, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds (links below for ya), for more game development updates.

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