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What the Hex Dev Blog #1

Concept Art - Kitchen and Enchanted Forest


Hello everyone!

Firstly, sorry for the radio silence. Though actually we have been quite active on social media. This is the first time for us to juggle both development and marketing, so we were experimenting with various types of social media activities. But now, we have a better idea on what we plan to do in terms of sharing updates of What the Hex.

Basically, we will keep posting across all our social media channels (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) which will primarily consist of screenshots/images and gifs/videos (hopefully soon!) while at the same time we will also do a more detail piece in our dev blog. Since most of you are spending more time on social media, hopefully we can by throwing in a link to drive more traffic to our dev blog :D

But enough of that, let's get go through our latest concept art pieces:


Kitchen Nightmare

This one here sure seem familiar huh? Yeah we're making fun of Beauty and the Beast...but this time the kitchenware are attacking you. Apart from their silhouettes, we tried to play around with their eyes to give more character to each kitchenware.

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest

Now it won't be interesting if a wizard were to go through a forest and it wasn't enchanted...right? Here we tried to play around we having treeants (the trees with faces), little fairies and the main focus; the farting unicorn. We thought of a few ideas of how to make fun of unicorns, but hey, since they're full of rainbows, why not just let it all out of their system?

We also wanted to play with some contrast and decided to add the main character's evil presence in the background. This would be one of the identities of What the Hex, where most of the characters you meet are actually the good guys and it is you who are causing all the trouble. In fact we even prepared a poem for this post on social media:

Fairies laugh while they glow;

The unicorn farts out a rainbow;

But as the possessed wizard draws near;

The forest starts to tremble in fear

Well that's all for this update. Be sure to stalk us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more quick updates like these!

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